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How should I prepare my child undergoing Voiding Urosonography?

It is important to prepare your child by informing him/her for all the procedural details. Depending on the age of your child, the personality and the level of his maturity you can find the proper way to get him/her ready to accept easily the procedure. 

We are going to go to a nice place where we can see on a screen your bladder, the bag that keeps your urine. You are going to get undressed and lie on a special bed. The doctor is going to wash the area with brown water and put a soft small tube in the hole you pee. After a few minutes you will feel ready to go pee and you will be allowed to do so while you are lying on a special absorbing tissue or sitting on a pot on the examination bed. I will always be with you, holding your hand, discussing and watching your favorite movies. You can also hold your favorite toy or book. You have to stay still and relaxed and this way everything will be easy and very soon be finished.  At the end you will get your prize because you are brave.

Remember it is very important your child to be prepared for the procedure. However, it is even more important that YOU are prepared and relaxed, because you are going to give your anxiety to your child and this is going to make things even worse. Your young child or infant has “antennas” that get easily your feelings even if well hidden.

Take with you favorite toys or things, such as the tiny blanket that always accompanies him, so the procedure will become smother and easier.

One week before the examination date you will have a urine culture after a thorough wash of the perineum, according to your doctor’s directions in order to make sure that there is no infection in the urine. If the test is positive and the urine collection was made by means of a urine bag then the test should be repeated after a better cleaning of the area. In the case of true urinary tract infection the test should be postponed after completion of antibiotic therapy.

The international guidelines include preventive antibiotic therapy for three days starting the day before the day of the examination. Your doctor is going to prescribe the drug and the dose.

After the examination you can carry on your everyday routine. Voiding Urosonography is a safe examination well tolerated by the most children and there are no adverse events related to contrast agent reported. In a recently published study performed as a survey among European radiologic institutions showed that no adverse events attributed to the administration of the US contrast agent were reported from more than 4000 children who underwent contrast-enhanced Voiding Urosonography.

During the first voiding after the examination some children may feel itchy which is normal and self-subsided after a few hours.  Some children that have difficulties to pass urine after the examination because they are afraid that it will be painful will be helped if they’ll have a warm bath or showers. In the rare case a child feels pain the usual painkillers will relieve the symptoms.