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Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae

I was born in Aridea, a town in North Greece (1956). I graduated Medical School of Aristotle University Thessaloniki in 1981. I completed training in Radiology at Hippocration Hospital Thessaloniki (1988).

After completion of one year fellowship in Pediatric Radiology at Queen Mary’s Hospital for children, London and at Royal Children’s Hospital, Manchester, I took the position of Consultant Radiologist at Hippocration Hospital, Thessaloniki (1990) and ever since I have been working as a full time Pediatric Radiologist. In the 10 years I worked in Hippocration Hospital, I organized a department dedicated to Pediatric Radiology and serving as a tertiary referral center for pediatric cases in North Greece. In 1996 I completed my PhD (subject of Thesis: Sonographic determination of normal kidney volume in children up to 5 years of age).

In 2000 I undertook the position of consultant Pediatric Radiologist at Ioannina University Hospital becoming an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Medical School of Ioannina University. From 2009 up to present I work at my Pediatric Ultrasound Private Office, Thessaloniki.

My clinical research was focused on urinary tract abnormalities in particular the evaluation of vesicoureteric reflux, a common congenital cause of urinary tract infections in infancy and childhood. The diagnosis of reflux during the recent 15 years can be performed by a safe and radiation free imaging method namely contrast-enhanced voiding urosonography (VUS) using ultrasound and ultrasound-specific contrast agents. The diagnostic performance of VUS has been assessed and found more sensitive in detecting reflux than the conventional methods which use ionizing radiation (X-rays or radionuclides). During the last 12 years I have performed more than 2200 VUS examinations with first- and second-generation ultrasound contrast agents. The method has been proved to be safe and accurate and the most important with no radiation.